activities can help keep a person engaged vital and connected

Hi! I’m Sarah Beckett, creator of ElderFlourish.

I’m passionate about finding ways to fill the later years of people’s lives with meaningful, uplifting moments. I believe that regular participation in the right kind of activities can help keep a person engaged, vital and connected to their world, can give them purpose, focus and a sense of inclusion, achievement and identity.

My experience of planning and delivering activities programmes within care home environments has been among the most rewarding in my life, and I feel privileged to have been involved in providing a service that so clearly benefited the wellbeing of the remarkable individuals with whom I worked. With ElderFlourish, I aim to help others have this kind of positive impact on the day-to-day lives of older people.

Sarah Beckett has been involved with elderly care since 2009. As of 2015, she has been providing service users with timetables of diverse, imaginative and person-centred activities that provide mental stimulation, offer creative outlets, promote physical fitness, and encourage meaningful social interaction.

Sarah received an industry award for Excellence in Wellbeing in 2019.

The Rest Of The ElderFlourish Team

Sid Beckett – CEO

Sid brings to ElderFlourish his extensive background in business management and commitment to customer service and product development. Sid is passionate about ensuring that all our subscribers get the optimal experience using ElderFlourish. Sid works closely with our content and tech teams, implementing user feedback to constantly improve our service.

James Prentice – CTO

ElderFlourish is lucky to benefit from the skills and experience of James Prentice, who oversees the technical side of our business. James’ company, www.zouq.co.uk offers various web and video editing services, and owns an independent publisher and content creation company. James’ clientele have included charitable and community organisations.

Ed Chambers – Senior Sales Account Adviser

Ed heads up our sales team and spearheads our social media strategy. Ed is committed to building good customer relations, working with our subscribers to deliver a smooth, friendly, reliable service every step of the way. Catch Ed’s latest Tweets to keep up with all our news and content updates at Twitter.