Premium Content Package Details

What Is The Premium Content Package?

As a Premium Content Package subscriber, you will enjoy access to our expanded seasonal library and a bespoke weekly newsletter incorporating your own branding.  

At the start of each season, you will discover a fresh crop of brand new activity materials when you log in.  Each week, your library will be updated with new, varied, lovely-looking content, all of which can be revisited for the whole season.  

Searchable tags help you sort your materials by activity type, preparation time and holistic purpose, so you can always find the right activity for the right occasion.  Save hours of planning and preparation each week, freeing your team to spend more quality time with residents.  Balance your activity schedule to provide creative, mental, physical, sensory and social stimulation for maximum fulfillment and wellbeing.

With this wealth of diverse and appealing materials at your fingertips, you’ll never run out of ideas and tools to engage an older audience. Keep boredom at bay with a wide selection of quizzes, articles, craft and game ideas, recipes, stories, poems, reminiscence and conversation prompts, and more besides.

The Premium Content Package has searchable tags.

Searchable Library via categories and tags.

Activities grouped by categories.